Weekly Exercise: Walk at Night

Tonight's exercise is to create a character by creating a scene where he/she takes a walk at night. Narrative story can be loose, or nonexistent. The focus should remain on the walk and the experience of the night. Try to define the character through their senses. Any voice is acceptable, 1st, 3rd, or omniscient.

Have fun! Depending on length, and please feel free to use your discretion (my standard is 5+ paragraphs = fresh post), you can either post your piece in the comments or in a separate post in the community.
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Weekly Exercise: 6-word story

I believe it was Hemingway who introduced this literary form with the following tale:

For Sale: Baby Shoes - never worn.

That simple sentence is a complete story. There is a rise, there is a fall, there is meaning. It's also hella short, which is hella hard.

Don't feel like you have to stick to a narrative format. If you'd like to go in a more poetic direction, feel free!

This week's writing exercise can take place in the comments on this entry. Create your 6 word story and post it in the comments. One story per comment please, and please mention if concrit is welcome.

Have fun!

Let's resurrect this beast...

Hello any and all remaining writers! I'm going to start transforming this community out of only drabbles and into general writing exercises and the like.

I encourage you and anyone else to participate. There will be at least one new writing exercise every week, updated on Tuesday nights by yours truly.

If there are any volunteers who want to be co-moderators, please let me know. Responsibilities would include coming up with a writing exercise weekly, pimping the comm, enforcing the rules of the range (spotting when disclaimers should be added, etc.), and generally keeping the peace.

If there are any takers, just reply in the comments! This week's writing exercise is coming in just a few short minutes.

Interest Drabble Challenge: 022/150

Here's another drabble I wrote for the IDC. I'd really like some feedback on this one. I had some difficulty trying to decide how to write a drabble about concerts. I worry about descriptions being cliche, ineffective, and uninspired. Furthermore, concerts are often so sensory they are exceptionally difficult to explain or describe.

There are different levels for concerts too, which complicates the process. Most are fun, but only a few are phenominal. I am interested in concerts, and I am keenly interested in attending them. Yet, I found writing about them in a general sense to be difficult. Anyway, here's my attempt. It's kind of a personal essay based loosely on the Radiohead concert I attended in Alpine Valley, and various other outdoor concerts I have attended (i.e. Summerfest). As always, concrit appreciated.

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x-posted in my personal journal, virtuistic

My interest drabbles.

1. Neal Stephenson. **Fanfiction: these characters are not mine, and I am making no money from them.
2. Olympus High. **Mentions but does not contain sex.
3. Miashiu/Nicolai. **Contains nudity and implied sex..
4. Bastian/Atreyu. **Fanfiction: these characters are not mine, and I am making no money from them.
5. Indiana Jones. **Fanfiction: these characters are not mine, and I am making no money from them.
6. Cyberpunk.
7. Runaways. **Fanfiction: these characters are not mine, and I am making no money from them.
8. Tombstone. **Fanfiction: these characters are not mine, and I am making no money from them.
9. Huna.
10. Pleather pants. **Mild language.
11. Ender. **Fanfiction: these characters are not mine, and I am making no money from them.
12. Young Wizards. **Fanfiction: these characters are not mine, and I am making no money from them.
13. Bordertown.
14. Ronin Warriors. **Fanfiction: these characters are not mine, and I am making no money from them.
15. Terminus Est. **Fanfiction: these characters are not mine, and I am making no money from them.
16. American Gods. **Fanfiction: these characters are not mine, and I am making no money from them. Mild language, possible spoilers.
17. Abhorsen. **Fanfiction: these characters are not mine, and I am making no money from them.
18. A Knight's Tale. **Fanfiction: these characters are not mine, and I am making no money from them.
19. Naruto. **Fanfiction: these characters are not mine, and I am making no money from them.
20. Otherkin.
21. Pacifism.
22. The Cassiline. **Fanfiction: these characters are not mine, and I am making no money from them.
23. Blood: The Last Vampire. **Fanfiction: these characters are not mine, and I am making no money from them.
24. Supercollider.
25. Counterculture.
26. Soulbonding.
27. Purgatory.
28. Arthurian Legend.
29. Diadem. **Fanfiction: these characters are not mine, and I am making no money from them.
30. Anti-war.
31. Eve 6. **language.
32. Blink 182. **language.
33. Linkin Park. *mild language.
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A listing...

In the FAQ entry, I mentioned mattador's Interest Drabble Challenge, which I am currently working my way through. Here is a link-list of the drabbles I have written so far. The rest will be x-posted as they are written!

As always, I look forward to concrit!

Drabble No. 1 - Eighth Notes
Drabble No. 2 - 311 **Disclaimer: Mild drug references
Drabble No. 3 - Air
Drabble No. 4 - Alliteration **A/N: Political content.
Drabble No. 5 - Anchorman **Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters. They are the intellectual property of Will Ferrell and Adam McKay.
Drabble No. 6 - Aphex Twin **A/N: Profanity in title.
Drabble No. 7 - Art **A/N: Profanity in title.
Drabble No. 8 - babb_chronicles tribute **A/N: Intentional spelling and grammar abuse.
Drabble No. 9 - Ben Folds Five **A/N: Profanity, lyric based
Drabble No. 10 - Betta Fish
Drabble No. 11 - Billy Boyd **Disclaimer: Billy/Dom slash. Most emphatically not RL. Also, beware of mild sexual content [PG 13].
Drabble No. 12 - Bob Dylan **A/N: Lyric based.
Drabble No. 13 - Bonobo **A/N: Inspired by the song Nocturnary, by the musician Bonobo. If you'd like to hear it, let me know.
Drabble No. 14 - Books
Drabble No. 15 - British Humor, and the appreciation thereof.
Drabbles No. 16 & 17 - C.S. Lewis & Cheese Curds.
Drabble No. 18 - Chuck Norris Facts **Disclaimer: Obviously not true. Also, beware of rampant silliness and blasphemy.
Drabble No. 19 - Coffee **Fanfic of the Showtime series Weeds. I do not own any of the characters.
Drabble No. 20 - The Colbert Report **Disclaimer: Not actually how Stephen Colbert rolls, it's just how I see it.

More to come, I assure you.
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An Introduction and FAQ

Hello, and welcome to drabble_0n. My name is Shelby, and I'll be your friendly, neighborhood moderator. Any and all questions can be directed to me. All of my contact information can be found in my user info, which is linked under "creator" at the top of this layout.


An Introduction

Now, you may wonder what makes this drabble community so special. Recently I embarked on a search for a general drabble community where writers could get constructive criticism (concrit) on any topic. There are numerous drabble communities for a myriad of different fandoms, but no "anything goes" drabble community solely for people interested in reading and writing drabbles.

As a writer, I know that we always get better by recieving feedback from our fellow writers. As people, we are interested in - and therefore write about - more than one fandom or topic. I felt that it would serve us well to have an outlet and a community to write about anything and everything, and hopefully improve with one another.

Where do we start?

Incidentally, the idea for this spawned from mattador's drabble challenge, which was to write a drabble a day for each of your interests. It is a difficult challenge, and it is a long challenge, but it is also a very rewarding challenge. It will force you to challenge your approach to writing, stretch your creativity, and help get you in the habit of writing regularly. I encourage anyone to try it.

Rules & Format

Now, just because this community has an "anything goes" approach to the subject matter, that doesn't necessarily imply that there isn't structure. In fact, I'm going to lay down the laws right away.

Some obvious requirements are as follows:
- Entries should be made in English. Not 1337 speak. Just because this community is on the internet, doesn't mean you need 2 act liek ur in @ chat ro0m.
- Writing in caps is most emphatically not O.K. unless you absolutely need it to convey shouting in dialogue, it is required for your format (i.e. script), or are doing so with specific artistic intent. WRITING LIKE THIS BECAUSE YOU WANT YOUR POST TO BE NOTICED MAKES US FEEL LIKE YOU'RE SCREAMING ALL THE TIME, AND THAT IS NOT SOCIALLY ACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOR IN A PUBLIC SETTING. THIS COMMUNITY IS NO EXCEPTION. Your writing should have it's own voice, and volume control.
- Basic grammar rules apply. You don't need to be a whiz, but rampant punctuation abuse is irritating for those who really take writing seriously and are trying to perfect the craft. Thou shalt not abuse thy comma, nor thy exclamation point.
- Please spell check.

Now that we're done with that, we can head onto the rules of formatting and content. Fear not, though strictly enforced, these rules are not ridiculously overbearing, and are specifically geared toward making this community more fluid. They are as follows:

The Ten Commandments

1. A drabble, by definition, is a short piece of writing that is exactly 100 words in length. No more, no less. Submissions on "Drabble" writing exercises must be exactly 100 words or they will be deleted.
2. Any format, i.e. prose, poetry, script, etc., is acceptable.
3. Any subject is game. This includes fiction, nonfiction, personal essays, fanfiction*, slash*, and all content rated G through NC-17**.
*4. If you are writing fanfiction or slash, you must include a disclaimer that clearly states that the characters in your drabble are not your intellectual property and you must credit the original author/creators. This is common courtesy, and standard practice. Anything else is plagiarism. Additionally, if you are writing slash between celebrities, you must state that your drabble is fiction, and that neither participants actually participated in RL. You can word your disclaimers however you like. If you fail to include a disclaimer, your post will be deleted.
**5. If your writing is or could be offensive to some people, you must include an author's note explaining in what way it could be offensive or unsuitable for younger readers, or those who do not wish to read explicit content. If you fail to include an author's note, and you have violent, sexually explicit, profane, or otherwise offensive content in your drabble, your submission will be deleted.
6. You must put your drabble behind a cut! If your entry is not cut, it will be deleted. Instructions on how to include an lj-cut in your post can be found here.
7. Outside the cut, please give basic details such as: Author(s), Title, Fandom, Characters, Format, etc. Any post without a minimal description of the drabble will be deleted.
8. If you would like concrit please say so in your post, and be prepared to receive it.
9. Give and receive concrit respectfully. This is a place for writers to grow. Flaming will not be tolerated, and guilty users will be banned. If you feel wronged, please discuss the trespass with the individual responsible and try to come to an understanding before coming to me.
10. X-posting is tolerated, as long as it is noted in the entry.

And there you have it! I really hope never to have to delete anyone's post, and I'm really looking forward to reading and sharing with the lot of you. Welcome again, and let's get to it!


Currently, we have one.
- grammar_pandas is a community for the appreciation and discussion of grammar, and it was created in honor of the book Eats, Shoots & Leaves by Lynne Trusse.

If you would like to affiliate, drop me a line and we'll chat.


If you would like to display your membership or advertise this community, I have made a button for your use. Feel free to copy and paste it into your journal, userinfo, or personal website.

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